Code Compliance

Send code complaints to:

City of Mount Vernon
P.O. Box 597
Mount Vernon, Texas 75457

The City will need address, location and complaint.

The overall goal of the Code Enforcement staff is not to continually generate large numbers of Public Nuisance cases from year to year, but to actually decrease the case load year to year by educating citizens as to the importance and need for code compliance.

The City of Mt. Vernon has a Code of Ordinances which includes all the regulations governing the City.  Many of these regulations are written for the express purposes of providing for the safety of our citizens.  The section of codes dealing with property maintenance is just one such example.

 Code Enforcement includes but is not limited to:

            ¤  High grass and weeds
            ¤  Junk and abandoned vehicles
            ¤  Illegal dumping
            ¤  The accumulation of rubbish and/or trash on property
            ¤  The removal of dangerous and/or sub-standard buildings

 Property maintenance is an essential component for providing for the safety of our citizens.  The property maintenance code provides for maintenance of both external and internal structures as well as the upkeep of the property beyond the building.

 The City of Mt. Vernon continues to be proactive in enforcing the ordinances.  All property owners are encouraged to learn more about the property maintenance code.  The City’s Code Enforcement Officers and staff are here to assist you.  The City attempts to assist those with non-complying buildings or properties to come into compliance voluntarily.  Failure to voluntarily comply will result in court action.